Sotufoma New

The SOTUFOMA NEW was created by Mr. MOHAMED HADDAD in 1981. It was the first project in Africa for the manufacturing of ovens and equipment for the bakery and pastry.It has been achieved by having recourse to the French technology.

The SOTUFOMA NEW began the marketing of its products in the local market since 1982. And then it is oriented to the export abroad, such as:

  • the LYBIANmarket
  • the ALGERIAN market
  • some other African market for example NIGER, IVORY COST, SINIGAL, …

It has also made some specific operations of the exploration on the Italian market and the French market.

The range of furnished products:

  • Recycled oven
  • Rotary oven
  • Pastry making oven
  • Kneading-trough
  • Divider
  • flour sifter
  • Paste roller
  • Bread Moulder
  • Trays and trolley in stainless steel for cooking and fermentation

Thanks to its 30 years of experience, SOTUFOMA NEW has managed to provide reliable products and highly effective. In this regard, it usually improves and daily his equipment and the level of its staff to provide a product to meet the quality in order to meet the needs of local and foreign clients.