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An oven for cooking of all types of bread and it can be equipped with a gas or an oilburner. It is characterized by:

  • System of cooking Turbo-recycling of the bread on the watertight tanks heated by a movement of warm air recycled under pressure in a combustion chamber stainless steel. Hot is distributed by the recycling of 4 turbines balanced and silent.
  • The steam production by a machine for each floor place in the circuit of the combustion chamber.
  • Thick seal opposite by high temperature seals
  • Slab of cooking refractory for the alimentary use, allowing the baking of bread directly on the slabs or on the tray.
  • The galleries of adornment of subwoofer, ensuring a balanced cooking.
  • Isolation by the rock wool

Thanks to these features, it provides a great regularity in the cooking process.